IMG_0105sigweb.jpgHacienda Sosegado, owned by D. Joy Gould, is a 15 acre ranch facility located in Hemet, California.  We have specialized in breeding, raising, showing, and selling top quality Peruvian horses since 1986.  Our goal is to produce strong, sound, well-gaited horses with great temperaments.

In 1986, I was so impressed with the smoothness of the ride, the kindness of the temperament, and the willingness to perform that I bought, what I thought would be, my only horse.

I have owned and shown many Peruvian horses over the years, but more recently have made an effort to select a group of foundation horses so that their offspring would provide their owners with a well gaited, smooth riding, versatile horse for their showing and/or trail riding pleasure. I believe that the gait of the Peruvian horse is the foundation upon which one builds a breeding program and so the foundation mares and stallions of Hacienda Sosegado were purchased to meet that standard.

We are a full service training center, specializing in the Peruvian horse.  We are able to accommodate all breeds of horses for training and welcome new additions to the stable. If you are looking for the right breeding for your mare, please consider a Hacienda Sosegado Stallion. If you are looking for ariding horse or a young horse our sales list may interest you. Videos of our sales horses are available on our YouTube Channel.

Hacienda Sosegado, LLC is excited to announce that Mr. Enrique “Kique” Subauste has joined the team and is training our horses and client horses.

Mr. Subauste is very well known throughout the Peruvian Horse world. In the past few years he has worked for Rancho de la Florecita and Clear Creek Ranch, training horses to dozens of regional champion of champion titles, as well as US & Canadian National champion of champions. While he had decided to leave the Peruvian Horse world for other opportunities, we have managed to encourage him to return to the arena.

If you are looking for guidance with your horse, or are looking for a new horse, please come see us.  We welcome visitors by appointment.