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Meet our Trainer – Enrique Subauste
Enrique Subauste was born in Lima, Peru. He discovered his passion for horses at a very early age, which spurred him to study the art of the Peruvian Horses. Enrique attended La Molina University, where he developed his skills of training and showing the Peruvian Horse. There he met Jose Antonio Otero, who became his mentor for many years. Enrique became manager and instructor of the Escuela de Chalanes (Peruvian Paso training and equitation program), where he organized numerous demonstrations and parades while at La Molina University. He came to the United States in 2000 to lend his expertise in breeding and training Peruvian Horses at various ranches in Texas, California, Nevada and Canada.

He has presented Peruvian Horses at competitions and exhibitions in Peru, Guatemala, Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Enrique has won several championship titles in the breeding and performance divisions, including the Canadian and the U.S. Nationals.

Enrique trains both students and horses with an open mind, mixing traditional Peruvian training with other techniques. He fosters patience and understanding between horse and rider to attain optimal communication and harmony, whether within or outside of the showring. He gets great satisfaction from watching their progress.

If you are looking to learn about the Peruvian Horse, we would enjoy bringing you into the breed. Riding lessons are at any level, from beginner to the very experienced. Individual and group lessons are a lot of fun with Enrique. You will never feel overwhelmed with the things to learn. You will receive a lot of encouragement about your strengths as a rider and will know what is left to master.

Each year Enrique has openings for outside training horses. We also have room in our show barn. The more of us at the shows, the more enjoyable it is for us.

Feel free to bring your show horses so that Enrique can help prepare you and your horse for the show ring. He will not take any horse that isn’t ready to be shown and that means that you both can enjoy the show!


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