DJG Maximus
(WF Capitan X GYS Espiranza)

Maximus is four years of age and is completely in the bit.  He is very good on the trail and that seems to be his job.  He has gone out with other horses and by himself.  He was taken to his first show in bozal and took first place.  He is a nice size horse with a good disposition.  We offer him for sale at $7,500. 


DJG Vivaz
(GG Senegal X DVP Inexplicable)

Vivaz is six years old and completely in the bit. She is one of the prettiest horses on the ranch and has a big front end. She is quite smooth. Vivaz went to her first and only show in 2019.  She did very well and took to the show ring and show environment very nicely.  We were nicely surprised by her performance there.  She is a horse for an experienced rider only.  I think she feels safest in an arena and has been a bit slow to get used to the trail environment.  We offer her for sale at $8,000.

DJG Luciente
(RDL Incomparable X DJG Briada) (2009)

Luciente is a beautiful buckskin mare that is offered as a pasture companion.  She is the nicest mare on the ranch and gets along with everyone.  She is very kind and easy to manage.  We are no longer going to be using her for breeding.  She has given us two beautiful foals. Luciente is available for anyone wanting an additional horse.  All that we ask is  if you no longer need her that she comes back to us.  She is free to a good home.

We will be evaluating our young colts and fillies and will post any for sale shortly. We also bring in other horses from other breeders to sell. So stay in touch through our website or facebook page for new additions!